2.4 Children

I bought a new dining table about a year ago.  It extends in an awesome way that  would impress Alan Partridge.  I was trying to find somewhere to sit and use the laptop but I can’t sit at that nice big dining table as it is currently both a major train depot and lego building site.

A very unuseful engine

A very unuseful engine

Even if it wasn’t, and it was clear of random bits of plastic, I would be too irritated by the random streaks of colouring pen that now cover one half.  It is hard, it would appear, to not only keep the pen inside the lines, but inside the parameters of the paper.

This table itself sits in a new room that I had built on to the back of the house to give us more room as an expanding family.  The rest of the house wasn’t big enough to accommodate all the plastic we already had.  So we built another room, and bought some more plastic to fill it up with.

I’m using the laptop to look for a holiday.  A holiday that will have to be at a time dictated to me by the local council, rather than a time of year I would like.  It will cost at least three times as much as the holidays Lynn and I used to take before having children.  The timings of the flights and the distance of the location from the airport will be dictated by the needs of my children.

It is Friday night and it would be good to be out having a drink with friends or maybe an evening going out for dinner with Lynn.  It is Saturday tomorrow and it would be good to go golfing, or lie in my bed until 11am and then maybe have a doze on the couch at about 4pm before heading out for a few drinks in the evening.  None of this will happen and it is all the fault of my children.

But I better put the laptop down and go now as Eilidh is finished her Friday movie night popcorn and is looking for a cuddle.  All is forgiven.


12th February 2016

PS It’s only a few weeks until I start posting 21 blogs (see my Facebook post on the 30th January).  I’ve got work in progress for about half of the blogs but still looking for volunteers!!

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