20. Nursery support by Wellside Kindergarten

Many questions arise when a child starts nursery with additional support needs; can they cope, can we cope, how will other children respond, can they communicate their needs, can they take part in all the activities we offer, and the answer is very simple, we don’t know until each of these situations arise and we deal with them.

For Eilidh our main aim in the nursery is to make her feel included, work out solutions so she can take part and ensure that her nursery experience is the best it can be. Funnily enough that is the same aim for all children. Eilidh is a little girl who embraces every opportunity  presented to her at nursery and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Yes she can have challenges but life is full of challenge and it is all about working together to overcome these. We embrace challenge because it makes children determined,  strong, responsible and confident to learn.

Nursery is not hard for Eilidh. Its enjoyable, sociable, fun, its adaptable but most of all she’s a big part of the Wellside family and it is a privilege to have her in our care xxx

Watch our video for Eilidh here