18. Two P’s in a pod by Graham Sneddon

Hi everyone,

On the subject of being different, I’m afraid I don’t really speak from a position of authority.  Yes, in my early life I grew up being your everyday, run of the mill, tall, skinny, shy, red-headed, left handed fellow.  And growing up in Glasgow for the first 7 years of my life (with an English mother who gifted me with a particularly Anglofied early vocabulary), I found I was just exactly the same as everyone else.   Or not…

But if I’ve learned anything from the wonderful blogs over the last couple of weeks, it’s that we’re all different and that’s a great thing –  something to be embraced, respected and celebrated.  The contributions have been fantastic and I’m not quite creative enough to add to the fine work everyone’s already done.

So what can I say that’s different?

Well I‘m proud to say I write from the very privileged and honoured position of being Guide Parent to both of Dave and Lynn’s amazing kids.  We all know you should never compare kids against each other – be that your own children or others……but we’re all friends here, so let’s be a bit different and do just that!

As a family insider, it’s obvious to me that there are massive differences between Rory and Eilidh. This is what I’ve noticed;

One’s a boy and one’s a girl.

I know I shouldn’t need to state that, but as Rory calls me ‘Auntie’ Graham, I can’t be too careful.

One is turning 6 years old (today!), the other is nearly 3.

The mathematical difference doesn’t end there. Rory loves his numbers.  I should know, I personally watched him methodically type in numbers from 21,459 to 22,317 on his dad’s old laptop.  Party on.  Eilidh, on the other hand, prefers more creative outlets and can hammer out the beats like a thrash metal band’s encore – putting her heart and soul completely into it.

Everyone should play drums with a hammer. And beads on.

Everyone should play drums with a hammer. And beads on.

One likes peace and quiet, the other laughs in the face of tranquillity

Rory can happily play with (sorry Rory), ‘build’ his Lego for hours in silence so much so that you forget he’s there.  Eilidh will never let you forget she’s there.  She’s in the room and she means business!

One is impulsive, the other has the patience of a saint

What are toy trains for? If your answer is lining up and admiring, you’re in the Rory camp.  If it’s pouncing on them mid line up, guess who’s gang you’re in?

Pure and utter mischief

Pure and utter mischief

One has her dad wrapped around her finger… one knows his limits

Rory is the blueprint for well-behaved kids – it’s pretty impressive. Part nature, part nurture I’m sure, but he knows there’s a line with his mum and dad.  Eilidh’s not quite grasped the existence of said line, and I reckon she will always have a knack of getting exactly what she wants from her pops.

I’m sure there are many more differences, like there are with any brother and sister, but here’s what I can tell you about what they have in common.

Firstly, they’re both blessed to be part of an extremely loving family, and they both absolutely adore each other – that’s obvious whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 days in their company.  They’re both equally patient and respectful of each other.  They both need help and guidance from mum and dad to learn how to do things.   Already, their personalities have developed amazingly into the brilliant little characters I’ve hinted at above.  They’ll both need each other for support through their childhood as they develop into the amazing young adults I know they’ll both become.  In many ways, they’re very similar.

Finally, they both have a doting guide father who looks forward to seeing them continue to develop, to grow and to thrive.  I look forward to fielding some of the questions they really don’t want to ask their parents, and above all, I look forward to watching on with pride, and to supporting them, regardless of how similar or different they are.

Rory would quite like to move in with Auntie Graham.  You have not seen tears until you have witnessed Rory being told it is time to go home from Auntie Graham and Auntie Fiona’s house.  Check out this video to see why..

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