21 Blogs – World Down’s Syndrome Day 2016

Welcome to 21 blogs.









Starting on the 1st March I will post a new blog each day right through until World Down’s Syndrome Day 2016 on the 21st.  Each blog has been written by a different person and all have the aim of promoting and celebrating our differences.

The blogs are not all about Down’s Syndrome but by being tied into this site the aim is to raise awareness of DS and also raise a few pounds to support the amazing work that DS Scotland undertake.  You can help by spreading the word and sharing the blogs on Facebook, Twitter (use the buttons at the bottom) and anywhere else you think people might listen.

I hope you enjoy.


Blog Links

Day 1 – Grief by downwithdad

Day 2 – A job, a life & giggles by Sarah Gordy

Day 3 – Scottish girls don’t give up by Suzanne & Louise Pollacchi

Day 4 – Be yourself by Alison Friel

Day 5 – Not so civilised then? by Victoria Macdonald

Day 6 – Fitting in at the footy by Steve Whyte

Day 7 – I pity the fool by Fergus Campbell

Day 8 – Celebrating differences by Paul Whyte

Day 9 – Who wants to be normal? by Gavin Oattes

Day 10 – What do you want to be when you grow up? by Carole Chamberlain

Day 11 – More than spice by Henry Hepburn

Day 12 – Over the rainbow by Tara Scott

Day 13 – Teaching by Cameron Stewart.  Bonus – Even freckles are cool by Olivia Gordon

Day 14 – Diversity in cinema? by Jon Spira

Day 15 – A little something extra, everyday by Amy Dunn

Day 16 – My two Moms by Olivia Thomas

Day 17 – Finding Nemo by Colin Fawkes.  Bonus – Mental illness doesn’t give two hoots by Andy Lawson

Day 18 – Two P’s in a pod by Graham Sneddon

Day 19 – My Sister by Mia Goleniowska.  Bonus – Where words fail, music and art speaks by Karen McMahon

Day 20 – Nursery support by Wellside Kindergarten

Day 21 – I wonder by DownWithDad